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Women’s Wisdom in a Masculine World

The Butterfly Program was created by Lisa Cutler in 2009 specifically to support and assist women in the business world. Having worked in male dominated environments for many years, Lisa is well aware of the challenges women face and how difficult it can be to succeed in a masculine business world.

But the power and strength of female leadership and the value of bringing women’s wisdom to the table is exactly what we need more of. With more women in decision making leadership positions our world will be a much better place.

Therefore Lisa’s mission, through The Butterfly Program, is to help women realise their potential and contribute their strengths and talents to a world that desperately needs them.


Lisa Cutler

Lisa Cutler

Founder and Director of Cutler Coaching and The Butterfly Program

Lisa has spent most of her life in male dominated environments pioneering the way for women. From her early days as a schoolgirl soccer player, to being the first female student to take metalwork and woodwork in her high school, to completing a computer science degree with only a handful of other females.

In her corporate career, Lisa has predominantly focused on building, leading and coaching successful management teams in large organisations. Her career has spanned across Europe, the United States and Australia and includes global companies such as IBM and ANZ.

Lisa is a certified Coach and Practitioner of NLP, a certified Life Coach and Advanced Practitioner of Coach Mastery. She is the Founder and Director of Cutler Coaching Pty Ltd and Founder of The Butterfly Program.

Lisa’s passion is helping women to achieve successful and fulfilling careers and helping organisations even up their gender balance in leadership. Through her speaking engagements, one-on-one coaching and highly successful leadership course, Lisa is helping to create confident, inspiring and successful women.