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Here’s what our clients have to say about The Butterfly Program…

“Lisa is a beautiful person, oozing positivity and encouragement. This course has been very empowering.”

Marilyn, WGE, 2016

“This course has helped so much on a personal level. I have become more confident. I am happier within work life and home life.”

Maggie, NRCH, 2016

“This course has helped me examine my life (both career and personal) and work out a balance that suits me, and works for me. It has helped me find the starting point to my path for success.”

Anne, WGE, 2016

“I had never been a believer of coaching but attending this program has given me a whole new outlook of my behavior, my thinking, my mood. I honestly feel a whole lot more confident and happy.”

Grace, WGE, 2016

“This is the best step I have taken for myself. Lisa has helped me in understanding myself and loving myself for who I am. I can never thank Lisa enough for listening to me, understanding me and introducing me to myself. Thank you Lisa.”

Stuti, ANZ, 2016

“This program has provided a foundation to becoming a more empowered person. This has been especially important in empowering me to believe in myself and my abilities. I have moved very comfortably away from negative self-talk (something that has been part of my whole life) to positive self-talk. This has changed how I view myself and my life.”

Valerie, University of Melbourne, 2016

“The workshop forces women to reflect on their career so far and provides tools and encouragement to more actively design a career path and take on leadership roles. Spending time in a supportive environment is extremely empowering. The course by far exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot in a short time and feel more confident in making decisions and taking on leadership challenges in the future. Thank you Lisa!”

Dr. Liana, University of Melbourne, 2016

“The Women in leadership program was an excellent program. It was amazing to see the transformation in myself through my approach to various tasks and activities after following the program. I would recommend this course unreservedly to anyone who is interested in developing self-awareness and the skills needed to be a successful as a person and a leader.”

Wasana, University of Melbourne, 2016

“I would “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” The Butterfly Program. It has been an amazing course. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second. Life can place hurdles in your way, the program has made me Stop, Think, Breathe and be Present. Lisa has shown me different techniques and strategies that can reprogram reassess and become the Best YOU! Also met amazing women on the course.”

Liz, 2015

If you want to know more about yourself, but also how to live a more fulfilling and successful life, give this course a go. Lisa Cutler is an encouraging, knowledgeable and successful coach and will teach you amazing things about yourself

Monika, 2015

“Before doing this program, I was also trying to create my own way of things – always started but never finished! With this program I have managed to put my tasks into action and started achieving my goals. A positive reinforcement into believing in myself. Thank you.”

Marcella, 2015

“The Butterfly Program has been a wonderful journey. From learning about ourselves, our strengths, our goals, to taking action for our everyday lives. Actions that will help us to grow and feel satisfied through our connection with ourselves and others.”

Alisha, 2015

“A great program and course for aspiring or new leaders who are finding their way or determining their values or style. Also excellent for any woman who is willing to undertake personal reflection and growth. A safe, warm yet challenging environment to grow in.”

Penny, 2015

“I attended Lisa’s Butterfly Program a a suggestion from my employer as I was struggling with confidence in the workplace. I can’t describe how beneficial this program is for people who have issues with confidence. It really was amazing that four sessions with Lisa could make such a difference. I am so grateful for having completed this program.”

Charlene, Lombardi Partners, 2014

“The Butterfly Program has provided me with support, focus and new skills to take me to a better place and future. Many thanks for all your caring and support.”

Lynda, 2013

“The Butterfly Program is a wonderful opportunity to take some time out and focus on you; where you are now and where you want to be.”

Kristen, Thinc Projects, 2013

“Absolutely faboulous – I’ve gained so much insight into myself as well as the people around me. Inspiring and motivating!”

Amy, Coles, 2013

“This program has really helped me, not only in my professional life but in my personal life too. Lisa is focused and provides great content which is easily adaptable in the workplace. Highly recommended!”

Hayley, Asian Pacific Serviced Offices, 2013

“This program helped me realise that I am authentic and that I already have the skills of a good leader., then everything fell into place. I found the confidence to step up to be the person in the role I wanted”

Vanessa, Grocon, 2013

“The Butterfly Program was an inspiring program where I learned tools to enrich my work and personal life. Thank you”

Leia, Rider Levett Bucknall, 2013

“This program opens up so many ideas and strategies to help with everyday concerns in the workplace and away from it too. It’s a valuable starting point.”

Catherine, Clarke Hopkins Clarke, 2013

“This program came at the perfect time for me. By allowing me to focus on the positive and identify what I really want, I have saved my marriage, have more positive family experiences and am well on the way to my next promotion! Thank you so much Lisa for turning my life around! Perfect timing.”

Maureen, WHK, 2012

“From the very first day Lisa has changed the way I think, my attitude, my actions and the way I think about myself. This has been a very important step in my personal and professional development.”

Hannah, DKO Architecture, 2012

“What a truly inspiring course! Lisa Cutler is a fantastic facilitator who encourages and challenges you to find the true you. I am now able to feel confident and in control of my future from the tools and tips she has provided. I am now very excited for my future!!!”

Lauren, ANZ, 2012

“Everytime I walk away I have felt empowered and liberated. Lisa your attention to detail and the love and care with which you delivered this course is amazing. It’s a wonderful program for women!”

Chris, ANZ, 2012

“Thanks Lisa. This is a fantastic course which I can highly recommend to all women. Every workshop I’ve walked away with words, feelings, ideas to empower my life. Looking forward to the new me! Thanks again.”

Kylie, Rothelowman Architecture, 2012

“This program challenges the way you think and the way you interact with others. It increases your confidence and makes you really think about what matters most to you. A program for all women.”

Gaye, Wilhelmsen Manufacturing, 2012

“Lisa runs a fantastic program. It’s a great opportunity to take time out and focus on you and your leadership style. Lots of food for thought and practical tips on making lasting change.”

Sophie, Vision 2020 Australia, 2012

“I was surprised to meet so many other women all experiencing similar issues in their life. It was great sharing experiences of others. It was also great to identify some of the things I had already started in my transformation and expanding on ideas discussed.”

Allison, ANZ, 2012

“This has been an invaluable experience to simplify and effectively bring my goals into awareness and work on tools to achieve them. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Coco, PLP Building Surveyors, 2012

“I would rate the training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others. The trainer was excellent, the course interesting, informative and very well presented.”

Draga, Wilhelmsen Manufacturing, 2012

“This course has truly changed my life for the better. All aspects of me have been improved and I can’t explain the confidence and positive energy I now feel. The group I have been involved with was fantastic and I hope to keep in touch with everyone and share my journey and theirs together.”

Tracy, ANZ Merchant Services, 2012

“Lisa, thank you for running The Butterfly Program. The workshops were refreshing and you covered off so much in each session, however it never felt rushed. I loved the open and positive environment encouraged throughout the program and I now have lots of fabulous tools to use to continue to grow within my professional and personal worlds. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was able to shift some of my conscious though processes. Biggest takeaways – authenticity, breathe and embrace uncertainty! Thank You.”

Jess, sidedoor creative studio, 2012

“The Butterfly Program has equipped me with tools and knowledge to implement my goals and aspirations into reality. I vividly enjoyed the workshops and the prompts to continuously grow and challenge myself. I found the workshops inspiring, motivating and relaxing. Lisa is an excellent facilitator.”

Jenny, ANZ, 2012

“With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to bring my goals into focus, and develop methods for achieving them. The workshop series revealed things I wasn’t aware of about myself and the way I work and interact with others. Thank you!”

Catherine, Gray Puksand, 2012

“Excellent program for all women in all areas of businesses. Very inspiring program.”

Valerie, Telstra, 2012

“I realised the importance of developing myself before I can achieve my career goals. I know that I can achieve whatever I want by changing how I think. This workshop has been the most valuable thing in my career as I no longer have doubts about being able to achieve my goals.”

Wendy Pham, 2011

“The Butterfly Program has been a wonderful and engaging experience. Not only have I learnt more about myself and my areas of improvement, I have also taken away life long skills that I can use to nurture and motivate those around me. Overall a great program that I would recommend any day.”

Alia Amaouch, IBM, 2011

“The Butterfly Program allows you, and encourages you, to become more consciously aware of who you are and identifying your goals and teaching you how to achieve them. An excellent program for personal growth and development.”

Julie Jackson, Sensorium Marketing, 2011

“This program has been a wonderful opportunity to take time out of my busy day and focus on developing myself and learning new techniques to improve performance.”

Kerrie Jarman, University of Melbourne, 2011

“I would highly recommend The Butterfly Program to all the women I know. From this program, combined with the 1:1 coaching sessions, I have realised the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from achieving my dreams. I now feel that anything is possible. Thank you Lisa!”

Melissa Currie, ANZ Merchant Services, 2011

“Highly recommended for women in leadership roles who aspire for greatness. The course teaches some practical ways to take immediate action to achieve your goals.”

Louise Potter, Rio Tinto, 2011

“The Butterfly Program has given me a set of helpful tools that I will always use in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this course for all professional women, who will see everything from a new perspective.”

Sheena Daniel, ANZ Customer Experience, 2011

“This program has helped greatly in terms of finding my inner strength and focus on the areas that I need to develop further. Most importantly I realised that I discovered myself getting lots of things done which I didn’t think would be possible for me.”

Jessie Li, ANZ, 2011

“This program has changed my future; now I feel I have one. I feel more positive, happy and loved. I’m excited about my new days ahead. I thank Lisa so dearly for her wonderful program.”

Michelle O’Connell, Endota Spa, 2011

“If you only take one thing away from each part of the program, you will have a practical and magical tool that will change your life. I highly recommend this beautiful, insightful and valuable program to every woman no matter where you are in your life.”

Pauline Walker, Celebrate Cleaning, 2011

“I can’t speak highly enough of The Butterfly Program. It has given me simple, practical tools to help me gain focus and feel in control of all aspects of my life. It is exciting and motivating to see the small steps I took in the workshops transform into bigger changes in my life. Thank You Lisa!”

Hope Morrison, ANZ, 2010

“This workshop has provided me with the learning to help me both in my personal and professional life. This is definitely a course I will recommend to other women in leadership to help them discover their strengths, goals and find balance.”

Jacqueline Lee, ANZ Merchant Services, 2010

“The Butterfly Program is an excellent one which I would recommend for all women, whether in the professional context or personally. Lisa provides practical and personal learning and teaching in a way that is meaningful. Thoroughly enjoyable with many techniques that I will apply”

Katrina Hellriegel, ANZ, 2010

“Fantastic – I found the program very inspiring. Great for busy women on the go with family and work. It has helped me with the balance in my life.”

Andrea Davison, Jemden Interiors, 2010

“Lisa provided a very calm and friendly environment that encourages learning and accepting new ideas and concepts.”

Rhiannon Jones, ANZ, 2010

“The program has been really great and the one-on-one coaching assists and compliments the program well. I like the coaching sessions as they make me accountable to the actions I need to take. I have seen a big difference already in my personal and work life since I started a few weeks ago! Thanks Lisa for all your help!”

Jenn Mendoza, ANZ Merchant Services, 2010

“I now believe in myself and know that anything is possible. I can and will continue to achieve anything that I put my mind to and the only person standing in my way is me. I think about and use tools from the workshop weekly and now truly believe the power within can and will change lives. If you need to challenge yourself, or you need direction this is definitely the program for you. I have learned how to be inspired and to improve my way of living life; it has not only made a difference for me, but my whole family. It’s changed the way I think about things, and it’s showed me how to have a positive outlook on life”

Lisa Cramp, 2010

“I found the Butterfly Program extremely worthwhile. It has helped me to work out my future career path and detail the steps I need to take to get there. The program has also helped me work on some specific areas of my professional skills which I needed to develop.”

Michelle Swales, ANZ Merchant Services, 2010

“The Butterfly Program has proven to be something that was missing from my personal & career development. It has significantly improved my outlook on work, life & inner peace. The most amazing thing is that I am being asked by colleagues & friends what has happened to cause the change in me, which I think is a true testament to the program and what it can offer if you are open to it. Thanks Lisa for changing my life.”

Kate Wells, ANZ Merchant Services, 2010

“For the first time ever I’ve been able to set clear and achievable goals – and I’m already on my way to achieving them! I also have a better understanding of the way I communicate both with myself and others, and I’m already using many of the practical tips with great success. This program is a great investment of your time. Lisa is a gentle and knowledgeable mentor and the information she presents is life-changing. I completely recommend this program!!”

Alana Philips, Alana Philips Photography, 2010

“If you want to learn more about yourself and want to grow, learn and inspire yourself then do the program. There is great information given in a caring, loving, nurturing environment. Lisa has been a great inspiration.”

Pam Fallon, TIC (The Investors Club), 2010