The Program

Women in leadsership

At The Butterfly Program we are passionate about empowering exceptional women. We know that women have extraordinary skills, capabilities and potential that is often unseen and untapped.

We help to bring out this potential by identifying and developing key strengths and talents, overcoming career-limiting obstacles and habits, and gaining greater clarity on career and business direction.

In addition to our Leadership Coaching PackagesGroup WorkshopsSeminars and Speaking Engagements we also have our signature course – The Butterfly Program.

The Butterfly Program for Women is a highly successful personal and professional development course, the purpose of this program is to assist women to develop their skills, capabilities and mindset to achieve their full potential and add significant value to their organisation or business.

Women often have a tendency to let themselves get in the way of what they are capable of achieving. They can limit their career progression through their own personal doubts and limited beliefs. This is where The Butterfly Program for Women is so powerful. In addition, the program also focuses on practical and valuable skills such as time management, people management, communication, planning, prioritisation and work-life balance.

Enrol yourself, an employee or your team.
Or run the Butterfly program within your business.

“I can’t speak highly enough of The Butterfly Program. It has given me simple, practical tools to help me gain focus and feel in control of all aspects of my life. It is exciting and motivating to see the small steps I took in the workshops transform into bigger changes in my life. Thank You Lisa!” – Hope, ANZ