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In addition to our Leadership Coaching Packages, Group Workshops, Seminars and Speaking Engagements we also have our signature course – The Butterfly Program.

The 5 main benefits The Butterfly Program will deliver to your organisation:

1. Time and Pressure Saved from Managers

Personal development of staff is critical to an organisations success, however it can be time consuming and all too often slip off a manager’s priority list. Having a qualified and experienced coach to assist with a participants personal and professional development and career direction takes time and pressure away from the immediate manager.

2. More Confident and More Capable Employees

One of the main themes throughout this program is redefining capabilities. As participants become more confident, their awareness of what they are capable of expands and they are able to step up and deal with more challenging situations effectively and professionally.

3. Creating Solution Focused Individuals

Through The Butterfly Program participants learn a variety of skills and techniques to solve problems, look for solutions and focus on positive outcomes. With a new awareness of how the mind operates participants are better equipped to resourcefully solve the issues that come their way.

4. Positive Engagement

The Butterfly Program cultivates a positive attitude and optimistic outlook that permeates through all aspects of a participant’s professional and personal life. In conjunction with increased self-awareness and enhanced communication skills, this enables participants to be more actively engaged and have a more positive influence on those around them.

5. Added Value in Working for your Organisation

It’s not just the salary package that keeps executives coming to work each day. The culture and support of the organisation is pivotal in keeping and attracting high calibre individuals and there are many successful women out there needing to be recognised for their untapped talent.

The Butterfly Program for Women in Leadership can be experienced by sending attendees to an open program running in the local area, or by having the program run in-house within your organisation or business.

Benefits of running the program within the business:

– Strengthening of relationships and collaboration between the participants in the program, particularly helpful for building connections across different areas of a business.

– Dates and times of the workshops can be arranged to best suit your business needs.
– No additional travel time or expense incurred by participants to get to the course location.
– Additional features can be added such as a post-program review to provide general feedback, follow-up group meetings to track progress, and additional motivational presentations.

Benefits of attending an open program

– Networking opportunities with like-minded women from other businesses, often at a similar career level.
– No minimum requirements on the number of people you send to a program therefore ideal for 1 to about 5 participants from the same company.
– No additional organisation required by the business such as booking facilities, arranging refreshments and notifying attendees.

To enrol attendees on an open program click here.

To organise an in-house program or for any further information please contact us.